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Excellent AI Course - Delivered

Whether you’re trying to make your resume stand out or increase your corporate portfolio, Learneva AI Certfication based course has got you covered. Live online training is available worldwide and classroom training session is available only in Bangalore - India.

360° Coverage

Our AI course takes you on a tour from the basics to advance level AI modules that targets both beginners and professionals.

Learn from Innovators

Learn from professionals who have innovated AI technologies that are now used by industry leaders.

We Innovate

Learneva AI Certification

Learneva AI certificate guarantees that you have honed the fundamental skills towards being an AI expert.

Comprehensive Curriculum - Delivered

Unified Artificial Intelligence Centric training course that makes it obvious that you stand out in the crowd. Please download the brochure for an elaborated curriculum information.

  • Intro to AI | Programming in Python

    The first module is all about focusing on the purpose and intentionality of step-by-step taking our students through the concepts of AI and fundamentals of Python programming by keeping the students as our main focus.

    This module involves an assisted Python programming project to ensure that students will be able to use the language in the upcoming modules.

  • Neural Network

    The main focus of this module is to arouse the interest of our students in Neural Networks and its architecture by establishing structured relevance of content and forging strong understanding of the concept.

  • Machine Learning

    This module is about diving deeper and beyond conventional Neural Networks and providing good comprehension to students regarding the concepts of Machine Learning and the tools involved.

    This module involves an assisted mini Machine Learning project that will be entirely guided by the trainer.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Being the final materialistic training module our intent with this module is to develop wisdom in students regarding the principles behind Natural Language Processing and the innovations backing it.

    Students with assistance from the trainer will indulge in the development of a Natural Language Processing powered Bot development coding project

  • Bot Development

    Get introduced to Natural Language Understanding and all the platforms and their architectures that power their Bot systems.

    On-the-fly build a custom contextually aware bot with us while we take you through the Bot development session.

  • Advance Digital Assistant Development

    Learn the core concepts that power today's leading edge Digital Assistants and how they integrate complex components via NLP.

    Build your own Custom AI Assistant on the go while we take you through the interactive course of learning about Digital Assistants.

  • Learning to Code in CSharp

    Grasp the fundamentals of coding in CSharp, an Open-Source .NET based language for developing and referencing state-of-the-art .NET based AI Libraries.

  • Career Counselling

    Artificial Intelligence being the new buzzword and with every day new AI related technologies disrupting the market at the end of the final module students would attend a career counselling session headed by field experts.

  • Python AI Programming
  • Neural Network Course
  • Machine Learning Course
  • Natural Language Processing Course
  • AI Career Counselling

Easy Enrollment - Delivered

From enrollment to training and finally the Learneva AI Certification we will be with you at every step of the way.

Apply for Enrollment

Once you have applied for enrollment you will be contacted by one of our representatives. If you are impressed by our course you will then be provided Student Login credentials to your email.

The Student portal provides a supplement of resources and the option to pay the course fee.

Complete Training

Based on which mode of training you choose, whether online-live sessions or classroom sessions your course will cover 4 modules and will end in 5 weeks.

After the career counselling session ends you will have the option of doing a Mini-Project in any of the domains of AI covered by the course.


Mini-Projects are an imperative part of our course. The students will have 2 weeks to prepare and submit their mini-projects.

For both the modes of training the student just needs to upload their project by logging in to Student portal.

AI Certification

Once your uploaded mini-project has been evaluated and properly assessed by one of our trainers, you will be awarded Learneva AI Certification.

Honest Fee Structure - Delivered

Our fees are simple, competitive and without any hidden charges. We encourage you to compare our fee and curriculum with other AI training course providers.

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AI Base Certification

₹ 7,500 ₹ 4,500 or 60.00 (USD) - Tax not applicable on Students outside of India
  • Weekend Live Online Classes
  • Maximum of 2 Hrs Training / Day
  • 8:30 AM | 4 PM (Time Slot)
  • Student Portal + Email Support
  • Learneva AI Certification
  • Fee Inclusive of Taxes
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Advanced AI Certification

(AI Base + Advanced)

₹ 12,500 ₹ 6,250 or 99.00 (USD) - Tax not applicable on Students outside of India Value
  • Weekend Live Online Classes
  • Maximum of 2 Hrs Training / Day
  • 8:30 AM | 4 PM (Time Slot)
  • Student Portal + Email Support
  • Learneva AI Certification
  • Fee Inclusive of Taxes
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Syn Framework Training

₹ Custom Only for teams working with Syn Frameworks.
  • Weekend Online and Hands-on
  • Maximum of 3 Hrs of Training / Day
  • As per client’s requirement
  • Email + Phone Support
  • Syn AI Certification
  • Fee Inclusive of Taxes
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