Bot Assisted AI Training

Synthetic Intelligence Network is known for producing consistently outstanding products. We now embark on a new journey to innovate the ways Online Trainings are done. Become a part of a new era →

  • What is Bot Assisted training?

    Bot Assisted Artificial Intelligence training involves a Human trainer and a Bot assistant. The Bot assists both the trainer and students during training sessions.

    Instead of following steps by reading documents to acquire resources during training sessions, the students can take the assistance of the Bot to guide them to relevant sources and information.

  • Who is going to train me?

    The training is done by an expert Human trainer. The Bot Assistant technology however will play a vital role in guiding the students in each training session.

  • How do the student interact with the Bot?

    Access to the Bot is exclusively made available to students via their Student Portal.

  • What technology powers the Bot Assistant?

    The Bot Assistant technology is powered by OSCOVA, a time-tested and robust Machine Learning based bot development framework developed by Synthetic Intelligence Network.

    Synthetic Intelligence Network is an AI brand of REVARN® Cybernetics

Human Trainer + Intelligent Bot

Bot Assistant powered by OSCOVA